Four and a half years: Family update from Melissa G.

Last year a few of our families shared their stories of child abuse. This year, they have shared updates about how their families continue to cope. We’re in awe of their courage. We thank them for sharing their biggest hearts with each and every family who reaches out to us.


It’s been four and a half years… four and a half years since our thoughts and hopes of a normal life were shattered like the glass of a greenhouse. The feelings of safety and comfort now forever gone, and the continuous fears and unknowns of the outside world and what the future holds seeping in and forever altering us like a slow poison.

The seizures have stopped, but for how long? The developmental delays… how far will she progress? She repeats the words, but does she really know what they mean?  Is three just a word in a sequence that comes between two and four, or is it a quantity of chips, toys, etc?
When the glass shattered, how far did the poison go?
She is happy almost all of the time and loves to talk to everybody. Will she ever understand that not everyone in the world outside of our battered greenhouse is kind and nice, and that there is also evil around us?
Will there ever be a time that I don’t have to watch over my shoulder?
The glass was shattered… but what about the person who held the hammer? What of the person that destroyed the safety walls and let these evils and unknowns in, and forever altered the precious growing seedling inside?
Four and a half years… still no justice.
Four and a half years… still so many questions of her future progress.
Four and a half years…. and what happens when I’m gone, who looks out for her then?

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