Name. It’s that first natural exchange between strangers. Proudly, the story of Seeds from Seeds derives from our son’s name, Efrem (pronounced efrum).

Efrem is the victim and survivor of child neglect and suspected Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) at the hands of a daycare provider. This crime quickly consumed our lives, both individually and as a family. As the case moved through the justice system, several things became apparent. First, the rate of child abuse and neglect in Brown County (Wisconsin) has been surging over the last several years. And second, Brown County lacks the resources to help support victims and their loved ones.

Signifying fruitfulness in Hebrew, Efrem was the vision for our organization’s name.

This is where the movement begins: gathering and sharing resources and support for those affected by violent crimes against children. These crimes spread great pain and stress amongst victims, their family members and friends. No one in these positions should feel alone or unprepared for what the future might hold.

Every connection we make in the community; every question we answer for victims and families; every hand we reach out and hold; every shoulder we give to cry on is one more seed that we give to this community. These are the simplest yet most profound things we can give that can be dispersed from one person to the next.

The more connections we make, the more our community will grow and support those who need it. It’s our turn to lay the foundation and begin to build a more compassionate, resilient community from all of our journeys.

It only takes one seed to start what will nourish an entire a community.

Be fruitful.